Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12 2009, Kileshwar Trip Report

We had a great time at Kileshwar a very beautiful place. It’s hilly area. There is a temple of Mahadev at top of the hill. Walking down the trails after reaching the Kileshwar Temple gives you chance to spot nesting of Pond heron, nesting of Cattle Egret, Indian Pitta, White eye, Spotted munia, Little egret, Red vented bulbul, Indian robin, Tickle's blue fly catcher, Paradise fly catcher, Spotted dove, Magpie robin. We found about 150 nests of cattle egret, 3 nests of pond heron near temple area.

The peacocks were every where on the hill. We found about 40 Grey-breasted Prinia, 2 paradise flycatcher, 1 Grey Tit, 6 common Iora 1 male Iroa was sitting on nest, 6 Tickell’s blue Flycatcher, 2 White-browed Fantail, 1 Indian Pitta, about 50 Red-vented Bulbul, 1 spoted Munia, 5 Silver-bills, 2 Oriental Honey-bazzard, 2 small blue Kingfisher. There was constant slow rain during whole trip! Very pleasant atmosphere!! We also found 3 Jackal, 2 Mongoose.

Our team from left Mr. Jaypalsinh Jadeja, Dr. Maulik Varu, Mr. Kapilsinh Zala, ME!!, Mr. Swadeepsinh Jadeja. Thanks to my papa Mr. Ashvin Trivedi for this photo.

The other wild life found there are: Jackal, Wolf, Jungle cat, Mongoose, Rabbits, Porcupine, Hyena, & if you are lucky then the leopard!!

This wonderful hilly area is about 90 km from Jamnagar towards Porbunder.


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